We all agree that regular guests are the key to our long-term success. You don’t have to sell those regular loyal guests on reservation calls, they are easier to deal with, and they promote you to their friends and associates. But, what is the actual value of a lifetime guest? Here is an exercise to estimate the revenue generated by a regular guest. Let’s assume that the guest stays three nights a month at a rate of $150 per night. The monthly gross revenue would then be $450 or $5400 annually. With inflation, that loyal guest could result in more than $120,000 over a 20-year span. When you project that a hotel that offers superior service would probably have at least 100 loyal guests, you are looking at more than a million dollars revenue from less than 5% of your occupancy.

About all we have to do to satisfy and keep your regular loyal guests, is to make them feel appreciated and valued. How do you do that?